TWQ_ViewTWQ_View is a handy ©MS Windows freeware for viewing and basic work with diagrams generated by the TWQ package of R.G. Berman, T.H. Brown, E.H. Perkins and J. Ellwood. You can run either DOS version of INTERSX via the program interface or winTERSX in the batch mode separately. You can also run 16-bit DOS version of INTERSX under 64-bit OS (like Windows Vista, 7 and 8) due to implemented support of the DOSBox emulator (which should be loaded and installed by yourself).
 With TWQ_View you can:

  • display diagrams;
  • adjust their design;
  • colorize curves and find specific equilibria (by clicking on curves as well as by selecting from the list);
  • zoom;
  • scroll;
  • show / hide specified curves and sets of equilibria containing specified components;
  • combine diagrams;
  • browse diagrams by moving through the list of plot-files;
  • plot compositions of phases (mole fractions of components/elements) for the list of compositional files;
  • run INTERSX.EXE from the program for selected plot-files or for all plot-files in the directory (using complicated cyclic batch mode process for handling frequent fatal terminations of the program) – this feature is available only for DOS versions of the TWQ package;
  • display averaged values (with deviations) on diagrams together with equilibria;
  • search plot-files with best convergence of intersections using sorted lists of averages;
  • change pressure units (bar→kbar) and activity scale (Log(α)α);
  • replace abbreviations automatically by a commonly accepted ones (taken from the editable list);
  • copy diagrams to the clipboard as a vector Windows Meta-Files (WMF) with following pasting to any editor of vector graphics (like ©CorelDraw) or to a text processor (like ©MS Word).
TWQ_View windows

 You can associate TWQ_View with desired extensions of plot-files (e.g. *.PLT, *.P1) and view diagrams simply by clicking on their files in the file explorer.
TWQ_View is used together with the TWQ_Comb program.

TWQ_View demos

Calculation of average P-T values:

Calculation of water activity:


Thank you for this very nice program.
I have a small problem

I am trying to calculate P-T of the following mineral assemblage (cd g fsp bi q sill H2O). Assuming water activity is 1.
I went to the parameters and entered the aH2O=1 and the aCO2=0. Then I started the calculation -- the THERMOCALC was stopped the calculation with an error message. In the tc-log file, I found this error
specification of PT window:
PT window: 5.0 <=> 25.0 kbar; 100 <=> 1500¡C (from script)
T window : 100 <-> 1500¡C :T interval = 100 (from script)
for cordierite activity calculation
fixed a(CO2), a(H2O) : y
: y
y not a real: replace with : n
n not a real: replace with : (nothing input)
: (nothing input)
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
not a real: replace with :
It seem to be there is a conflict between the cd and the activity of H2O and CO2.

Could you please help in this point??


Аватар пользователя DimaDD


It seems that this is the problem in TC_Comb, not TWQ_View...;)

Anyway, yes: this is due to cordierite! This mineral requires input of H2O and CO2 activities in Thermocalc even if the system is "dry" (doesn't contain explicit fluid components in the tc-ax.txt file). Therefore the keyboard macro "Default" is not suitable in this case and you should try another one. Press the "Kbd.lib" button in TC_Comb, select the macro named "Cordierite (aH2O & aCO2)" in the opened window and press the "Use" button.

BTW, you can double-click on any record in the "Results" window (even with failed calculations) and look at the Thermocalc screen output in the separate window. Type of calculations (avPT or Rct) can be selected in the main TC_Comb window. This way may be more convenient than checking of tc-log.txt.


Аватар пользователя ttmuedi

Guys i need help, ive got electron microprobe results and cannot paste them in this software, says ID number is absent always, why?

Аватар пользователя DimaDD

Do you mean TWQ_Comb? Input files for TWQ_View are only plot-files generated by TWQ.exe...
Tables for TWQ_Comb should contain columns with mineral abbreviations and with IDs (numbers) of analyses. These identifiers are required to know which analysis of some mineral is used in particular combination. TWQ_Comb determines the column with IDs of analyses by its header. You can find list of possible headers in TWQ_Comb.ini, at the end of this file:


You can freely edit this list and add more headers, but make sure that it is not intersected with the other lists (with headers for mineral abbreviations, sample ID, Area ID, Selection).